Young Living Essential Oils – Uses and Benefits

A New Jersey resident, Dr. Rosanne Bostonian divides her time between teaching Reiki and promoting Young Living Essential Oils as an independent wholesaler. Through the latter, Ms. Rosanne Bostonian helps people integrate therapeutic oils into their lives.

Young Living Essential Oils offers a line of aromatherapy and essential oils that encourage healthy and natural living. The products leverage the healing qualities of plants to help bring relief to people experiencing stress, pain, lack of energy, and emotional strain, among others.

The non-toxic oils, which come in a variety of fragrances, can be used aromatically. By breathing in the aromas, a person fills the body with the oil’s antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The oils are then delivered to different areas through blood and tissues, and users can experience uplifted spirits.

Some Young Living Essential Oils, like Longevity and Mineral Essence, can be consumed orally. Depending on the product, the oils are consumable in capsule form or through beverages by adding drops of the oils into drinks. Intended benefits include preventing the damaging effects of aging and achieving weight management goals.


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