Yankees Still Baseball’s Most Valuable Franchise


New York Yankees Image: en.wikipedia.org
New York Yankees
Image: en.wikipedia.org

Rosanne Bostonian, PhD, is based in Florham Park, New Jersey. She is a Reiki master teacher specializing in light touch energy work. In addition to her healing pursuits, Dr. Bostonian is a multi-level network marketer of Young Living Essential Oils.

Since early childhood, Dr. Bostonian has been a fan of the New York Yankees. Having been a star pitcher for the New Jersey Budweiser Belles Softball Team, Dr. Bostonian has maintained her interest in sports by continuing to follow and support the Yankees.

According to Forbes, the New York Yankees are once again the most valuable franchise in baseball, topping the list at a $3.4 billion total valuation. Forbes began assessing the value of MLB teams in 1998, and the Yankees have been at the top of the list every year since then.

The Yankees also have the distinction of being the only team with value north of the $3 billion mark. The next closest team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, is more than $900 million behind.

A breakdown of the $3.4 billion valuation by Forbes estimates the that team has a sporting value of $502 million, a market value of $1.657 billion, and a brand value of $660 million. In addition, its stadium is valued at $618 million. The team also owns 20% of its flagship YES Network, the country’s most watched regional sports network, which affords the Yankees with baseball’s highest cable rights fee.

The aforementioned Dodgers, Boston Red Sox ($2.3 billion), San Francisco Giants ($2.25 billion), and Chicago Cubs ($2.2 billion) comprise the rest of the top five.


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