The Basics of Reiki

Reiki pic

Dr. Rosanne Bostonian, PhD, is an adjunct professor of psychology at New Jersey’s Berkeley College-Woodland Park. She concurrently sells essential oils as an independent wholesaler with Young Living Essential Oils and is a self-employed Reiki master and teacher in Florham Park, New Jersey. As part of her Reiki business, Ms. Rosanne Bostonian, PhD, performs light-touch energy work on clients to promote health and wellness.

Based on the traditional concept of ki energy, Reiki is a stress-reduction and relaxation technique of Japanese origin. Reiki masters lay their hands on or over clients to help direct the unseen ki, or life force energy, that is said to flow through every human being. Although it is a spiritual healing art, modern Reiki is not generally aligned with any specific religion or religious practice.

Far from massage, Reiki incorporates extremely light touches or uses no direct contact at all. Practitioners often place their hands directly above the bodies of their clients. A typical Reiki session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.


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