Tune Up

Orchestra conductor on stage

No conductor would start a symphony performance without tuning the various sections of the orchestra.  In fact, if you’ve gone too long without getting a tune up for your car, you may have been left somewhere you’d rather not be.

Most instruments and machines come with “owner’s manuals” that tell us what they need to keep them functioning.  Our bodies, not so much!

I lovingly call our bodies our “Earth Suits.”  They are the form consciousness takes at the material plane.  In other words, this is who we are at the physical level of consciousness.  As I’ve written before, we are bringing energy (invisible) into visible form through Life.  An owner’s manual didn’t come with this process.

We can try to fix ourselves up with material approaches such as immunizations, preventive examinations, setting broken bones.  These all seem to rely on something bad that has happened, or that’s about to happen.  What if we had ways of tuning ourselves up without the specter of something creepy around the corner?

As I’ve moved into the fields of Reiki and Foot Reflexology, I joke with my clients about hitting “the resent button.”  It’s my way of inviting them to appreciate the fact that merely living causes distortions in our “alignment.”  I’m not referring to orthopedic alignment, but rather to energetic alignment.  If we’re even a little “off,” it’s difficult to identify that invisible realm from which our energy and our being emanate.  We become depleted and de-energized.

I hope we each have a practice, whether it’s being in Nature, doing Yoga, meditating, visiting practitioners such as myself or acupuncturists, massage therapists…any practice that helps us hit the reset button and realign energetically.

Plan your tune up in whatever way works for you.

Blessing on your Earth Suit!



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