How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki pic

Since 2014, Rosanne (Roseanne) Bostonian, PhD, has served as an adjunct faculty member at Berkeley College in Woodland Park, New Jersey. In addition to her work in academia, Dr. Rosanne Bostonian is a certified reiki master teacher who provides energy-based healing to clients.

Each person has a current of universal life energy within them. This energy, often referred to as chi, is connected to important energy centers in the body known as the seven chakras. Chi also is present in an ambient energy field around the body, typically referred to as the aura. Whenever the flows of this energy become obstructed, negative effects can begin to manifest themselves physically in the body.

A reiki practitioner addresses the energy blocks by acting as a channel, directing positive energy from the universe into the individual. By raising the vibration levels and focusing energy work on the affected areas, reiki can help restore the balance of positive energy in the body and alleviate the effects of energy blocks that are inhibiting the flow of chi.


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