About Rosanne Bostonian

1426015631_Bostonian-3700-006-5_0x7_0-02AA holistic healer and valued contributor to the therapeutic profession, Rosanne Bostonian, Ph.D., heals with Reiki touch and heart-centered words. As a Reiki master teacher, she works with clients to facilitate positive energy flow, balance physical and mental function, and support self-healing while reducing overall stress. Dr. Rosanne Bostonian further serves as an independent wholesale distributor of Young Living Essential Oils, which gives users a number of options for supporting their own spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

Also the author of the Words from the Heart blog, which uses humor and the power of words as reflective tools, Dr. Rosanne Bostonian draws on more than 25 years of experience as a clinical and school psychologist. She now focuses on the integrated use of the healing arts and on educating others in the many aspects of mental health. Dr. Bostonian recently appeared as an invited speaker at the Opportunity Project’s Healthy Brain Healthy Me seminar, where she represented the Heath and Wellness CoOp of Millburn/Short Hills, New Jersey. There, she spoke to an appreciative audience on the effects of chronic brain excitation.


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