Dental Floss and Q-Tips



By now you know that I believe strange questions need to be answered, and I’m officially designated to voice the quandaries.  For instance, “Why is bird poop two-toned?”  This was researched and answered by one of my students and shared in a previous blog.

Here is my next dilemma: “How do dental floss gadgets and Q-Tips end up in a parking lot?”

I applaud anyone who is so manic about flossing their teeth that they choose to floss on the run in a parking lot.  I don’t applaud throwing the dental floss gadget for others to ponder when they’re done.

As for Q-Tips, this is more of a concern.  Flossing one’s teeth is understandable (if uncouth) in a restaurant parking lot, but for the life of me I can’t picture Q-Tipping one’s ears and casting the offending instrument to the pavement.  Ear hygiene on the run is a hard optic.

I’ve seen the results but not the acts, so I’m left to attribute these actions as regrettable examples of unconsciousness and preoccupation with one’s needs at others’ expense.

As I wrote that, what popped up was “These should be the only regrettable examples of unconsciousness and preoccupation with one’s need at others’ expense!” Unfortunately…not so.

With love,

Rosanne Bostonian


Obi-Wan Kenobi


Obi-Wan Kenobi

I was innocently picking up prescription food at the vet for Chester, my remaining kitty, when I saw a woman talking to a carrier with three kittens in it.  I couldn’t resist and fell in love the minute Obi popped his head up.

What ensued was a meet and greet with Meredith, the Kitty Foster Mom Supreme, and Obi’s litter mates, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.  The Star Wars litter kitties are all adopted now, and Obi and Chester are adjusting to each other.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a kitten…19 years to be exact.  My beloved Ginger Bear is now gone for several months and I’ve signed up for another round of loving connection.

Meet Obi-Wan!

With love, Rosanne Bostonian


Bird Poop

Flock of birds

I know that’s an unusual title for a blog, so bear with me!

There are mysteries in life that flash through our minds and never rise to the level of needing an answer.  They remain mysteries.  One of my decades long mysteries is “Why is bird poop two-toned?”

I’ve never been around a computer when the question came up, but the other day I thought of the question as I was preparing to teach a class.  Immediately, one of my students was on Google and here’s the story:

Birds don’t urinate.  (Go figure!)  The white part of their waste is uric acid.  The dark part is, well…you know.  So, they efficiently do #1 and #2 at the same time.

If you’ve just had your car washed, I think it becomes a “bird magnet.”  That’s another mystery.

Another student shared that it’s good that birds don’t urinate or we’d have to walk around with umbrellas.  Ah, the creative mind of youth.

One more mystery unveiled… and so many more to go!

With love,

Rosanne Bostonian



The first day of school in Kindergarten, I was amazed that there were that many kids in the world that were my age!  Yes, I saw a few in the playground, but the sea of little heads bobbing around the classroom was news to me.

There was a boy in overalls to my left who kept darting for the exit.  He was patiently guided back to his seat several times.  I think he knew that his soul was about to be indentured for the next umpteen years.  I mused and didn’t quite get it.

Soon I would get it.  In retrospect, I wasn’t obedient.  I didn’t understand the criteria for acceptable behavior, so my spontaneity wasn’t appreciated by Miss Getcher.  I confess that I was looking around, talking, and fascinated with the colors and characters.

As retribution, I was escorted to the coat room.  I didn’t know why, but there I was.  It was far less interesting to be in that space than in the classroom. The nursery rhyme figures on the tiles above the ceramic hooks were little solace.  The coats and I were waiting for something to happen.

Over the next weeks, I was relegated to the coat room repeatedly.  Emerging from the darkness for “nap time” I wasn’t in a napping mood, so was punished again.  Not surprisingly, I wasn’t happy with school.  My mother asked why, and I answered, “It’s dark and boring.”  My next stop was to the eye doctor!

Finally, my brother came looking for me one day, and the class pointed to the coat room.  He stuck his head in and asked, “What are you doing in here?”  I said, “This is where I go to school.”

The next day, my father escorted me to the principal’s office and the teacher got read the riot act, but the dye was cast.  I was “the girl in the coat room.”  It took several years to destigmatize me, but I finally made it to “Safety Patrol,” my white belt proclaiming my resurrection!

And so it goes… The coatrooms in our lives, the moments of feeling different and not belonging etch trauma on our hearts.  I could have used a compassionate Kindergarten teacher, that’s for sure.  Like all experiences, the injury can give rise to consciousness.  I hope that the saga of the coat room opened my heart a little wider.

With love, Rosanne Bostonian




There is never a conflict with person or condition, but rather a false concept mentally entertained about person, thing, circumstance, or condition.  Therefore, make the correction within yourself, rather than attempting to change anyone or anything in the without.”

Joel S. Goldsmith, Infinite Way, Wisdoms

Western thinking embraces the notion that being “right,” is winning.  He/She who is right wins.  He/She who is wrong loses.  We all want to win…sometimes at great cost.

In my psychology career, I would ask couples “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be married!?”  Most would say “both!”  And furthermore, if their partner would just acknowledge their rightness, there would be no conflict.

Joel Goldsmith’s teaches emphasize the view that our lives are simply out-picturings of our own consciousness and the conflicts we envision are unresolved snags within us.  What I believe strongly is that the first stop when discord appears is within one’s own inner contemplative place.  To dive into the outer projection and try to fix it is like running up to the screen in the moving theater and trying to change parts of the movie you don’t like!

If conflict appears, go within.  Only speak from a place of peace where you have prepared a welcoming place of learning.  Conflict is an “activating event.”  It requires space to create full presence.  If we entertain that everything that appears, even conflict, is an opportunity to self-reflect and allow the lessons of the moment to appear, maybe we would address what appears as conflict with gratitude and ease rather than annoyance and impatience.

By now you may be thinking of situations in which this approach would never work!  Places where you were absolutely right… What did you learn from taking the position of being the one who is right?  I would venture to say, probably not too much if the issue wasn’t evaluated as a learning opportunity first.

With love, Rosanne Bostonian




I hope my posts don’t feel like T.M.I…. I hope they’re J.E.I.  (Just Enough Information.)

In the past, I’ve sarcastically stated that everybody part should have a -book, not just the Face.  There are certain body parts that might actually have -books heretofore unnamed. People evidently spend a lot of time online looking at the other body parts, although they might not be formally named -books.

Email wasn’t fast enough for us, so we now have texting.  Texting on my tiny iPhone gives me a headache.  I have very small fingers, but still not small enough to avoid over-reaching and creating bizarre errors.  The auto-correct can also create some embarrassing communications.  I find the “m” particularly troubling, do you?  Instead of hitting “m” I hit the backspace resulting in erasing the “m” and having to rework the message.  “Oy vey,” as our Jewish friends say. 

If you forget to turn off your iPhone in a theater or in a class, you suddenly become e-popular,  the focus of every person who needs to e-communicate.  My iPhone finds itself the most obscure places to hide when I’m trying to find it to turn it off.  I think it’s laughing at me.

I can understand why people have personal assistants.  Those are people that can turn T.M.I. into J.E.I.  I am finding this process another job on top of those I already have.  Yet when there is nothing in my In Box, it feels like a tangible sign of my irrelevancy.  T.M.I., annoyance.  N.I., irrelevancy.   I hope I can hit the golden mean. 

With love and hopes that this is J.E.I.,   Rosanne Bostonian

Citronella Oil

Citronella Oil

Citronella oil is steam distilled from the leafy parts of the citronella plant, also known as Cymbopogon nardus. Thanks to its fresh, welcoming scent and bug repelling properties like those found in our Insect Repellent, Citronella essential oil is a common element in perfumes and cosmetic products and is well known for its use in outdoor candles, sprays, lotions, and other camping and outdoor essentials. Just a bit of Citronella oil in your diffuser, moisturizer, or DIY patio accents can make you feel transported to a simpler time.

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Combine all ingredients in an empty spray bottle and shake vigorously before spritzing on your balcony, deck, or porch.

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