Living Mindfully

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I remember my dear uncle saying, “Now that I’m old I can look back on life while I’m living it.”  I didn’t get that at the time, but now I do.

What I find different about getting older is that I can be the observer and the actor at the same time.  When we’re young, we’re “doing,” and if we are more mature than the majority, reflecting way after the doing is over.  “Insight,” is just that…looking inward and reflecting.  If we can do that while we’re living, we’re far better off than most folks.

If we aren’t among the more mature and mindful, we blunder along only to discover our patterns and miscues in what isn’t working in our lives.  If we don’t blame others, we may end up in the office of a therapist.  Better late than never!

On the Discovery Channel there was discussion about research moving toward life without death.  On the surface, that sounds like the vanquishing of the ultimate enemy!   But what impact will immortality have on the choices we make in our then open-ended lives?

Will we care as much about our impact on others?  If we have endless “do-overs” will we choose to be mindful? There was a hypothetical projection that one day we will be able to upload our consciousness into an app and won’t need a body!

There is something about the finiteness of form and time that motivates us.  That which is finite is more precious and worthy of introspection and meaning.  Since neither I nor anyone reading this is at this point immortal in the physical sense, maybe we can cherish the life we are living and “look back at its impact while we’re living it.”

With love,


Expansion & Contaction

Sunrise over planet Earth in space 3D rendering elements of this

I was watching a Discovery Channel program about the Universe.  There are apparently two forces in nature that dictate balance among the heavenly bodies.  The Big Bang caused incredible forces of expansion that are still moving out from  the center.  The complementary force is Gravity, which keeps all things united in the center.  Balance between these forces allows the Universe to expand at a reasonable rate.

I had taught a lesson recently on the “Comfort Zone,” that place in our experience that resists change.  Otto Rank, the famous cohort of Sigmund Freud, wrote about “Life Fear,” (the desire to stay on familiar ground and resist change), and “Death Fear,” (the desire the move out of stagnation and grow).  

Doesn’t it sound like life on the human level is both moving out from the center (expansion and death fear) as well as trying to hold on to comfort (contraction and life fear)?  

The more we look at the way the Universe functions, the more the parallels to our experience we can find.  Too much expansion = not safe.  Too much contraction = stagnant/not growing.

We each have our own formula for what is enough familiarity/comfort and what is enough adventure/discomfort.  I can see that if we are excessive in either direction, we get a diagnosis! 

The reason I’m writing this is to tie some concepts together, namely, our experience as human beings is a reflection of the way things are universally.  This may seem like a head scratcher, but if you have a little time to read and reread, maybe you’ll agree.  All roads embody singular truths that may look different at one level, but join in Oneness at another level.

Contemplating where we are in our levels of expansion and contraction can be a healthy rubric for self-reflection.  Try it!

With love,


“Love Songs to Myself!”

Vintage inscription made by old typewriter

It’s taken me a long time to discern the difference between being self-absorbed and self-appreciative.  I think I always shied away from embracing the good things about me, feeling a little ashamed and self-indulgent.

It’s time to change that script!  Not that I’m perfect, by a long shot…but I can say this about me… “I am a resilient SOB!”  I’ve learned over these years that each test, each setback, is an opportunity to self-reflect and find strength I didn’t know I had.  I’ve even realized that the “mistakes” were just detours and the scenery was pretty interesting, even if unexpected.

There are so many distractions in this world.  People tell wrong-minded stories about who we’re supposed to be.  We spend decades trying to be that person, the thin one, the popular one, the lovable one.  We give away our power to other poor souls who are scuffling along just as we are.  We seek approval ahead of wisdom.

Without self-reflection, making friends with myself and loving this person, we are on an endless quest for the impossible.  At some point, I realized I would never be fulfilled unless I embraced my flaws and my talents and worked my way along the Path accepting both.

As a younger person, I could have had the most persuasive teacher along these lines, but there truly is a ripening of Spirit that needs to occur over time.  The fruit gets sweeter as it ripens.

Every day I promise to check my familiar face in the mirror will and thank me for staying the course, for recovering from disappointments and heart-break.  I will thank me for loving people without judgment.  And I will thank me for arriving at the point where I joyfully offer my legacy to whomever is interested.

I will forgive me for being foolish and immature at times.  I will forgive me for an undisciplined mind that sometimes strays from the Path of clarity.

These “love songs” will be sung every day.  It would be wonderful to expand the solo into a chorus.  I’m listening…

With love, Rosanne

Nothing Replaces Awareness


In the internet age, everything online looks like the truth.  Once something is online it doesn’t go away so anyone’s ideas can persist and eventually become accepted.  Big money supports big marketing and that makes for distorted truths.

Time for all of us is short, so opportunities to research and find out the truth for ourselves are rare.  (Although, we do surf around shopping and doing trifling tasks with whatever time we have. Priorities.)

In general, we rely on the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to vet out crazy claims and protect us.  The problem is that money talks.  Not to be cynical (who wouldn’t be after this election year), but don’t we think that big business and campaign dollars may have some influence on the way “the truth” is couched?

It comes down to being very careful and very aware.  Know your own earth-suit’s owner’s manual.  We can rationalize easy and comfortable solutions, but there is nothing comfortable about making hard choices regarding our health.  Denial eventually comes around the corner and kicks us in the fanny in the form of illness.

Here is a dumbed down version of what is complicated:

  • The more natural the food or product, the better it is for us. 

  • If we can’t pronounce the ingredients, we shouldn’t consume or use the product.

  • If you feel sick or dulled after eating something, don’t eat it again.

As Sherlock Holmes said, “Elementary, my dear Watson.”  As simple as it is, we are a nation of people who know a lot, but do as we please. 

Prevention through mindfulness.  Often inconvenient, but absolutely vital.

Be well and prosper!


“Wherever You Go, Go With All Your Heart.” – Confucius

Wherever you go- Confucius

A life with no passion isn’t a life fully lived.  Too many walk through life like zombies waiting for something to happen and for someone to save them.  As Michael Brown says, “No one is coming to save us!”  The savior is within.

When you sing your heart song with your authentic voice, you will be in the peace of full presence.  You will find alignment with the loving energy that will help you do what you should be doing.  You will be where you need to be and the right people will appear.

The heart song shows itself as an open face, a smile and empathy for all living things.  It finds forgiveness and replaces resentment with compassion.  Its melody is true confidence.

Make sure your life is “good to the last drop.”  Every day of life counts…you count, even in the bleakest of moments.  The Universe is embracing you, quietly and ever-present.

With love, Rosanne

Singing Bowl Meditation

singing bowl
Singing Bowls is an ancient vibrational healing modality from the Himalayan areas of Nepal and Tibet.  Kati Walker, who studied with Master Teacher Suren Shrestha at Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational School in Boulder Co. will be leading this meditation.
Participants lay on a yoga mat as Kati invokes the bowls to sing the ancient healing protocols. Frequently bowls are placed on participants to deepen the vibrational experience. The meditation is deeply relaxing and has many benefits.
Some benefits include reducing effects of stress, lowering blood pressure, and improved concentration. Participation can help dissipate fear, anger and anxiety. The singing bowl meditation practice encourages deep breathing and returning the body mind balance.
Email: for additional information.

What is a relationship

Young couple arguing in the kitchen


Like everything else in life, the definition of a relationship changes over time.  No matter what stage we are in, whether reproductive pairings in earlier life, or companionship needs in later life, a relationship is a healing opportunity, a place to express the depth of our being.

Unfortunately, if we  see this truth , it’s usually through our rear view mirrors and not in real time.  Looking back at our choices and decisions, there is definitely some “road kill” to remind us of mistakes we’ve made.  Maybe we haven’t fully used the opportunities offered in a relationship. This may happen because we expect the other person to take the responsibility for our unfinished business.

Since many of us run from what we don’t want to see, relationships often become projective screens on which we often see a movie we don’t like.  My suggestion is to stay until the end of the movie when the credits are rolling, and not run out of the theater at intermission.

Whatever isn’t finished in ourselves or in a relationship will be carried forward.  This may be why second and third divorces happen more easily than the first.  If we’ve figured out that it’s “him or her” and not me, that can be a pattern we repeat over and over again. Universal Intelligence is a patient teacher and will give us lots of chances to get it right.

If each of my relationships exposes a certain pattern, and I am a part of all of those relationships… maybe the common denominator is “me.”  This is a startling realization and it’s why many of us seek counseling, a pair of objective eyes to parse out what we aren’t seeing.  This isn’t an easy task since we are such complicated creatures with layers of denial and rationalization to guard our precious egos.  Some of us will go down still believing “it wasn’t me.”

Michael Brown, author of The Presence Process, played with the word “blame,” calling it “be-lame.”  Blaming is a short-term solution since it only gives temporary relief.  In the big picture, appreciating a relationship as a mirror that can help our healing is a far more constructive and positive way to grow through open hearted connection.

I wish you the courage to face yourself, whether alone or in a relationship.  Our growth comes from facing our inadequacies, digging deeper into the soul that I AM.  May your journey be guided by grace and good intentions.

With love,