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There are two kinds of energy, potential and manifest.  Before you think this is going to be boring, bear with me!

Potential energy is waiting to be expressed.  If it waits too long it stagnates and if it stagnates in our bodies it creates dis-ease.  (That’s not a typo!)

When energy is freed to move, it is manifested.  It can be manifested through intentions, meaning “If I have an idea and I put it into motion, I’m freeing up energy.”

Money is energy in material form.  It waits to be freed to create opportunities, experiences and sustenance.  Saving is great, but dying with stagnated energy in the bank probably isn’t the best idea.  Bequeathing the fruits of labor for the next generation to use isn’t a bad plan, but using money to do good works is a great idea.

Physical movement frees energy.  Our jobs keep us seated a lot of the time.  Stagnated sitting creates pain in the low back and digestive issues.  Take it from me after years of sitting in the therapist’s chair!

What I experience in Reiki and Reflexology practice is the movement of energy in clients who rise from the table feeling cleared and rebooted.  Therapeutic essential oils do the same clearing.  Even moderate movement frees up energy.

Love is the purest energy and can be expressed interpersonally, in work and in everything we do.  If expressing love is the intention, the actions that come from it will bring positive change.

Move your booty!  Don’t ruminate in your head! Have the intentions of embodying love energy and freeing potential energy every chance you get.   You will bring light into your world…

With love, Rosanne


Comprehensive Energy Healing Class

Montclair Metaphysical Institute pic
Montclair Metaphysical Institute

Prior to beginning a career as a holistic health practitioner, Ms. Rosanne Bostonian, Ph.D, attended the Montclair Metaphysical Institute in Rutherford, New Jersey, where she received a certification as a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2014. Rosanne Bostonian also attended the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology-Einstein Campus in Bronx, New York, where Roseanne received a Ph.D in School and Developmental Psychology in 1991.

The Montclair Metaphysical Institute is a school that provides training for healers, psychics, and mediums with a wide range of courses, including a Comprehensive Energy Healing Class. A few of the subjects that are taught in the class involve reading auras, emotional release therapy, localized pain removal, and crystal healing.


Chakra - 2Many of you who study energy work know that there are said to be energy centers in the body called “chakras.”  For those who are new to these ideas, there are many chakras, but the major ones are the root, the sacral plexus, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and the crown (seven in all).  If you google the word “chakras,” you will come up with teachings and new ways of looking at our bodies, which after all are energetic systems.

When I coined “Shock-Rah,” it came from my sense that we can stagnate and our energy can remain passive and stuck.  Sometimes we are too fixed in our vibrational positions to allow the energy to flow freely through our bodies.  That’s where we can manifest dis-ease, or a condition of imbalance.  Reiki and pure essential oils are methods, along with many others, that intends to remove blocks to free energy flow and allow the body to operate in a healthy, balanced way.

Unfortunately, we sometimes require a “shock” to the system to awaken to our imbalances and blockages.  These shocks could be mood issues, physical symptoms or a general state of not-wellness. The body wants to operate smoothly, but let’s face it, our Western style of living is a pretty stressful caldron of demands on a daily basis.

No one chooses health shocks (signs that we haven’t served our energetic bodies as well as they have tried to serve us).  But when they occur, masking them can only be a temporary remedy.  Getting to the energetic root of the request the body is making requires attunement and awareness.

The “Rah” in “Shock-Rah” refers to joy in realizing that we have another chance to listen.  Hopefully we tune in to the body’s claim and respond compassionately to its need for attention and conscious caring.

There is an Eastern saying, “In the first half of life your face belongs to God, in the second half of life your face belongs to you.”  Our bodies take on our state of our awareness.  Even the smile sends different messages to the brain than a frown does.

So let’s be conscious of the subtle flow of energy in the body and be with Nature, surround ourselves with positivity and manifest wellness in our thoughts and choices.  I wish this for you…an early New Year’s Resolution.

With love, Rosanne

“The body remembers what the mind forgets…”

Colorful chakra spheres by sunset - 3D render

In trying to close the gap between the internal/external demands of life and our ability to deal with them, typical coping mechanisms are denial and avoidance. We presume that if we don’t remember what was bothering us, it’s gone.  But where do our disturbing thoughts, tensions and feelings go?

 One theory is that what we deny and avoid is housed somewhere in the subconscious mind.  It lays there like a festering mass knocking on the door of our consciousness in our dreams, our projections onto others, and sadly in limiting our full expression.  The stored energetic material causes all sorts of mischief, from mood issues to the dis-ease we feel, the aches and pains in various parts of our bodies.  The malaise accumulates into blockages in the flow of energy through our bodies and impacts our well-being.  As we age, our bodies quake under the burden of what we’ve asked them to store and process.  Our bodies try to help us remember by becoming symptomatic.  We tell our bodies to be quiet with palliative medications rather than welcoming the cues that are intended to remind us that we may not be choosing a healing path.

In short, our minds may have forgotten, but our bodies definitely remember. Rather than listening, we stubbornly beat our bodies like jockeys whip a lathered horse running to the finish line.  For some of us, sadly, the finish line moves closer.  At very least, we weaken and stumble during harvest time of life when the crown of wisdom should be opening.

I’d like to offer optimism in the face of what is all too typical.  A few degrees off the beaten path are a range of choices that can shift suffering to joy, if we are willing to peek around the corner and have some courage to do what isn’t typical.  Rather than forgetting, maybe we can use our minds to welcome a shift to conscious awareness.  We can unburden our bodies of their responsibility to keep reminding us of what we’ve forgotten.  This means a change in lifestyle.

The first step is always realizing there are different tools available.  This realization is the key that opens the gate to a life of no suffering.  Pain is inevitable in life, suffering is a choice.  We need teachers who are ahead of us on Life’s Journey.  If we are treading water with old ways, we aren’t moving with the new times.  Energy practices such as Reiki, the use of highly vibrational essential oils, mindful nutrition,  yoga, meditation and a host of other practices, are well proven tools for a new age.  They free the body of the burden of storing old energy.  They replace fear with Love.

 Consider your position in this new age.  What is required now is the victory of Love over fear.  No need to forget anything.  May our minds align and attune to the Loving energy of Creation and may this be expressed in our work in this world.

 With love, Rosanne

Virtual World


It seems that the more we network, the further apart we seem to get…or is that just me?

If you’ve studied “energy, chakras, auras and the vibrational field of influence” you might join me in wondering if the communications network through social media truly projects the same energy as the old interpersonal interface.  I can tell you that there is something very different about holding a book in your hands, reading the handwritten letter/card from a friend or assignment from a student versus e-books, e-mail and computer generated assignments.  Just a different energy.

Weeding through the torrent of emails, texts, Facebook posts and other sources seems to be a bit sterile, if convenient and quick.  There are no facial cues, no nuances and voice intonations, no organicity.  Of course I say that as I write a post for my website…maybe a bit hypocritical.  But maybe not if we can blend the old way with the new way.

I’m a strong proponent of showing up.  What I mean is being fully present, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.  Those among us who are advanced and capable are said to be able to send energy over long distances, but most of us need a face, a voice, and physical presence to connect to.

What gives concern is the lost art of full presence, facial connection and energetic/vibrational blending that constitutes a real relationship. I’m wondering what is actually lost in the process of social networking…what passes as a “relationship.”  I notice that I have to remind my students that I can see them.  They probably have generalized me into a computer avatar, justifying their passivity and non-participation, until they are reminded that I’m not virtual.

The sound of someone’s voice, their warmth and the message of their eyes goes beyond words.  I find that Reiki clients long for touch, gentle, warm and energetic.  There is a deep loneliness in virtual world and that may be why quantity of output is an attempt to replace quality of loving presence.

I hope that these few words carry my heart message, but I know my hands, my voice and my presence may do a better job.

With much love, Rosanne