Living Mindfully

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I remember my dear uncle saying, “Now that I’m old I can look back on life while I’m living it.”  I didn’t get that at the time, but now I do.

What I find different about getting older is that I can be the observer and the actor at the same time.  When we’re young, we’re “doing,” and if we are more mature than the majority, reflecting way after the doing is over.  “Insight,” is just that…looking inward and reflecting.  If we can do that while we’re living, we’re far better off than most folks.

If we aren’t among the more mature and mindful, we blunder along only to discover our patterns and miscues in what isn’t working in our lives.  If we don’t blame others, we may end up in the office of a therapist.  Better late than never!

On the Discovery Channel there was discussion about research moving toward life without death.  On the surface, that sounds like the vanquishing of the ultimate enemy!   But what impact will immortality have on the choices we make in our then open-ended lives?

Will we care as much about our impact on others?  If we have endless “do-overs” will we choose to be mindful? There was a hypothetical projection that one day we will be able to upload our consciousness into an app and won’t need a body!

There is something about the finiteness of form and time that motivates us.  That which is finite is more precious and worthy of introspection and meaning.  Since neither I nor anyone reading this is at this point immortal in the physical sense, maybe we can cherish the life we are living and “look back at its impact while we’re living it.”

With love,


3 Essential oils that do (almost) everything

When it comes to using one product to complete multiple tasks on our conquer-the-world list, we count on a few essential oils. Like a Swiss Army Knife, these oils—Lemon essential oil, Lemon Vitality™, Peppermint essential oil, Peppermint Vitality™, Thieves® essential oil, and Thieves® Vitality™—have an application that’s right for the situation at hand.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 4.41.12 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 4.44.02 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 4.42.47 PM

An Introduction to Reflexology

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As a healing professional, Ms. Rosanne (Roseanne) Bostonian, PhD, draws on a variety of wellness methodologies to support each individual patient. Ms. Rosanne Bostonian, PhD, finds that many of her patients respond well to the technique of foot reflexology.

Reflexology operates on the belief that different points on the extremities, including the feet and hands, correspond to the body’s organs and systems. A reflexologist will use these connections to affect internal functioning by applying pressure to specified distal points.

The reflexologist typically refers to a special foot chart that identifies which points affect which organs. By selecting the points likely to address a patient’s concern, the reflexologist helps the body to fall back into its natural balance. Many patients report feeling more relaxed and sleeping better after reflexology treatment.

The reflexology treatment typically lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. The reflexologist typically uses his or her own thumb and finger to press on the specified spot, though some may also incorporate rubber balls or other tools to facilitate results. The process is non-invasive and considered generally safe for most clients, including the very young and the very old.

Young Living Cinnamon Apple Crisps

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  • 3 apples

  • ¼ cup honey

  • 1 drop Cinnamon Bark Vitality™


  1. Preheat oven to 225⁰ F.

  2. Use Thieves® Fruit & Veggie Spray to clean the fruit.

  3. With a mandolin or knife, thinly slice apples from top to bottom.

  4. In a small bowl, combine honey and Cinnamon Bark Vitality.

  5. Line two cookie sheets with parchment paper and place apple slices on top. Drizzle honey mixture over apple slices.

  6. Cook in the oven for 90 minutes.

  7. Remove cookies sheets from heat and place apple slices on cooling rack.

  8. For best results, store apple chips in an airtight container and eat them within 24 hours.

Tune Up

Orchestra conductor on stage

No conductor would start a symphony performance without tuning the various sections of the orchestra.  In fact, if you’ve gone too long without getting a tune up for your car, you may have been left somewhere you’d rather not be.

Most instruments and machines come with “owner’s manuals” that tell us what they need to keep them functioning.  Our bodies, not so much!

I lovingly call our bodies our “Earth Suits.”  They are the form consciousness takes at the material plane.  In other words, this is who we are at the physical level of consciousness.  As I’ve written before, we are bringing energy (invisible) into visible form through Life.  An owner’s manual didn’t come with this process.

We can try to fix ourselves up with material approaches such as immunizations, preventive examinations, setting broken bones.  These all seem to rely on something bad that has happened, or that’s about to happen.  What if we had ways of tuning ourselves up without the specter of something creepy around the corner?

As I’ve moved into the fields of Reiki and Foot Reflexology, I joke with my clients about hitting “the resent button.”  It’s my way of inviting them to appreciate the fact that merely living causes distortions in our “alignment.”  I’m not referring to orthopedic alignment, but rather to energetic alignment.  If we’re even a little “off,” it’s difficult to identify that invisible realm from which our energy and our being emanate.  We become depleted and de-energized.

I hope we each have a practice, whether it’s being in Nature, doing Yoga, meditating, visiting practitioners such as myself or acupuncturists, massage therapists…any practice that helps us hit the reset button and realign energetically.

Plan your tune up in whatever way works for you.

Blessing on your Earth Suit!


“Wherever You Go, Go With All Your Heart.” – Confucius

Wherever you go- Confucius

A life with no passion isn’t a life fully lived.  Too many walk through life like zombies waiting for something to happen and for someone to save them.  As Michael Brown says, “No one is coming to save us!”  The savior is within.

When you sing your heart song with your authentic voice, you will be in the peace of full presence.  You will find alignment with the loving energy that will help you do what you should be doing.  You will be where you need to be and the right people will appear.

The heart song shows itself as an open face, a smile and empathy for all living things.  It finds forgiveness and replaces resentment with compassion.  Its melody is true confidence.

Make sure your life is “good to the last drop.”  Every day of life counts…you count, even in the bleakest of moments.  The Universe is embracing you, quietly and ever-present.

With love, Rosanne